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Rtmpdump vlc

Rtmpdump vlc

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You can play RTMP in VLC with the help of RTMPDump. rtmpdump -v -r "rtmp:// ip-address/app-name/streamname" -o - | "vlc" -. This quick post is as much for your benefit as for the benefit of my memory To stream RTMP with VLC, you'll need rtmpdump, which you can. Actually, VLC Player, which was when designed, had no capability to play RTMP Files. For the version up to or something VLC Player was unable to play RTMP Files. But, when the new version came into the market, the VLC Player was included to easily stream these Macromedia RTMP.

VLC just sits there and does nothing. Only if I kill the rtmpdump process VLC will start playing everything that was streamed from the point when. In the "ask ubuntu" forum, it was suggested the VLC can be used to If either VLC or RtmpDump really works, could you (or someone reading. How do I play this protocol with VLC ? Thank you for your help. . RTMP Dump template and guide for VLC PLayer. Things you will need.

Actually I need to watch this leave stream in VLC, but I can't determine the reqired parameters of rtmpdump to stream it to VLC. I tried different. I'm attempting to use rtmpdump and VLC to redirect/remux a couple of live RTMP streams into UDP multicasts. When I try. Code: Select all. If you are testing in VLC, use their built-in RTMP handling and also be aware that VLC may still not support some codecs in FLV such as Speex. I am using rtmpdump to record a stream and this is the code I use (see I would like to use streamlink because it offers the option to use vlc to.