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Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World Entries, References Needed, Allansian Lands and Regions. Allansia is both a continent and a region of that continent in the northern hemisphere of Titan. - Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World, AC, The Year of the Fox. Allansia is the third of the three rule books that make up the Advanced Fighting Fantasy role-playing game system. The system is based on Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy series. It builds on the rules set out in the first Advanced Fighting Fantasy book. Allansia - the third of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy manuals. This article is a disambiguation page for Allansia (disambiguation) The following is a list of links to.

However I had heard of Allansia and I went to have a look for it online. The copies I could find went for between £60 to £80, which seems. Titan: The Fighting Fantasy World is a book in the Fighting Fantasy series of children's fantasy There are three main continents: Allansia, Khul and The Old World, and other remote locations such as the Isles of the Dawn and Arrowhead  ‎Summary - ‎Geography - ‎Characters. Advanced Fighting Fantasy (AFF) is a British roleplaying game based on the Fighting Fantasy . A2 vinyl colour map of Allansia, from the original material from Jonathan Green, Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Pouillot, Fabrice "del Armgo".

Allansia has 21 ratings and 1 review. Odhran said: Yet another example of a book that I found rather inspiring as a kid. This particular book, with all i. It starts with Dungeoneer, continues with Blacksand! and ends with Allansia or does it? Allansia is the third Advanced Fighting Fantasy role-playing game book. This is a page for the villains of the Fighting Fantasy universe, fought in Allansia: the largest and most featured of the three continents of the world of Titan, titled.